5 Reasons to Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

So, your dentist has recommended having your wisdom teeth removed? It may be tempting to avoid the hassle of having your wisdom teeth removed, but skipping over this procedure could lead to other complications in the future. When it comes to your wisdom teeth, it is better to take preventative action to avoid all of the other potential complications that come along with keeping the third molars.

  1. Inflammation and Infection. Due to a combination of limited space and impaction, wisdom teeth often lead to gum inflammation. When the wisdom tooth becomes partially visible, a separation between the tooth and the gums becomes the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, which increases the risk for infection.
  2. Overcrowding. Wisdom teeth often erupt into an already crowded area and can move teeth around. The result can be misaligned teeth. Weather your beautiful smile is thanks to braces or genetics, your straight smiles could be undone over time as wisdom teeth enter.
  3. Damage to Nearby Teeth. When overcrowding occurs, wisdom teeth can do more than invade their neighbors. They can damage the adjacent second molars by contributing to bone loss and cavities.
  4. Cysts or Tumors. An impacted wisdom tooth can lead to cysts and tumors in the jawbone. This can lead to joint pain and nerve damage that may need to be treated by a TMJ Specialist.
  5. Overall Pain. Not everyone with wisdom teeth will experience pain, but it is a common sign; it is time for them to come out. Wisdom teeth can cause pressure in your mouth, in your jaw, in your sinuses, and can cause headaches.

If your dentist is recommending you have your wisdom teeth removed, don’t delay. Putting it off can often make the process much more difficult. Overall, it is better to take preventative action.

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